We are a family company of leading national capital in the fruit and vegetable segment, dedicated to the export and merchandising of domestic and imported fruits, being the largest distributors of banana and pineapple in the Argentine market, providing fresh produce throughout the year.

We have ten air conditioning plants strategically located to prioritize product quality and prompt delivery. Our distribution center is located in the Central Market of Buenos Aires, it has more than 10,000 m2

Tropical Argentina

Offer high quality products to reach the consumer in the best conditions.

Being the leaders in the marketing of fruit and vegetables, offering products of the highest quality, while maintaining the supplied market, providing different options and each fruit varieties for different tastes. We seek to make a difference and create value.

Commitment: We work in a responsible and professional way in every task we undertake and in every goal we set, achieving the best results.

Respect: Always we prioritize the common good and willingness among all those working with Tropical Argentina, generating both indoors in a pleasant climate out.

Professionalism: We constantly seek professionalism of our staff through training to enable the growth of both the company and each of the people who are part of it.

Confidence: We promote a relationship of loyalty with our customers and suppliers, creating a positive link that favors the progress of both parties.

Quality and Innovation: We are looking better every day, working on the development of new technologies relating to the conservation and improvement in the climate of the fruit. And adapt to changes that may require the environment, promoting an environment of diverse and challenging work for people who are part of Tropical Argentina.

Social Responsibility: We assume responsibly training of human capital and the relationship with producers to guarantee the best marketing channels, always prioritizing fruit. In addition, our power distribution ensures the entire value chain that the product arrives in the best conditions to the consumer. In this way, we promote the sustainability of the activity and all those involved.

Latest technology in air conditioning

In recent years, a unique technology incorporated nationally, developed entirely in our country, namely the pressurized cooling tunnels with dedicated control ripening. This new technology allows us to achieve optimum quality in the final product, both for merchandising and for consumption, thus generating a significant competitive advantage for the marketing of fruit. And being the only ones in Latin America that have a development of such features 100% national.

Masterclass: Business Inspiration

We open the doors of our company to other SMEs in the region to tell them about our work culture and our values: commitment, respect, professionalism, trust, quality and innovation. We thank Banco Santander Río and all its work team for this opportunity.